Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-Register: How to Get the Best Loot

Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-register

Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-Register: How to Get the Best Loot

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Pre-register for Battlegrounds Mobile India

After a long wait, the game is being launched today on the 18th by changing the pubg mobile name to Battlegrounds Mobile India. Today 18 May is the day to register. When you register, you will be able to download the game very soon.

How To Pre-register

Regester from the link provided in Google Play Store Do not regester from outside. Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-register on google playstore,

How to download Battlegrounds Mobile India

When you register the game will launch, they will automatically give you the download link. You can download and enjoy the game. And this game is being launched on Google Play Store, Since the game is being launched in Google Play Store, there will be no need to download from outside. Google Play Store is the best way to download it from outside. With the download link in Google Play Store, you can download with WiFi or mobile data which can be up to 600-900mb in size. Once the APK is downloaded, the game will have the option to download more maps. By downloading them you can win the game.

What do I get for pre-registering?

Battlegrounds Mobile India game is being launched only in India, its server will be in India. So people from outside the country will not be able to play this game. People in India will be able to pre-register for the launch in India. So go to the Play Store and register immediately and after registering, you will get new rewards when the game launches. Pre-register rewards.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-register rewards

Battlegrounds Mobile India launch date

Today is May 18, the day of the Battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registrar, The game will be launched soon in the Google Play Store, It is rumored that the game will be available for download by July 10. So register today and wait until the July 10th.

Battlegrounds Mobile India download link

Download link only from Play Store. Don’t download anywhere outside. If you download an external APK, your phone may be hacked or your data may be stolen, so be careful. This is Google Play Store Link.